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Spray Tanning

At aSPArations, we believe in a healther, more natural you and are proud to offer a UV free option for spray tanning for a healthier tan!

Custom Spray Tan

Achieve the most natural looking tan with the use of our Custom Spray Tan!  Our Custom Spray Tan is an all natural, 98% Eco-Certified Organic product that is utilized on many TV and movie sets and is the product of many celebrities.  Our extensive research and product testing showed a large difference in the quality of products on the market and we believe we have found the best!

During a Custom Spray Tan, our well trained Spray Techs will manually apply the product on the client, allowing for a more even tan.

1st time Tan - $30

Single Tan - $35

3 Tans - $90

6 Tans - $167

10 Tans - $250

Rapid Rinse Tan - $45
Rapid Rinse is for those who need to shower prior to the typical 6-8 hour window of time. IT WILL NOT provide color faster than a regular tan.

Powder Drying - $7
Don't want to lose the color of the cosmetic bronzer, but need to dry fast? Powder drying dries and sets your spray tan eliminating that post spray sticky feeling. Look, feel & smell amazing getting a spray tan any time of day!

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